Goals: Part Deux

My brain hurts! All this thinking about goals is making me dizzy! I know, if I want things to change, I have to do the thinking, planning, and doing it requires. I also need to do the writing it requires, as in this blog so I keep accountable! Please bear with the long posts, as I work through the pain of goal setting. I promise, not all of my posts will be as long as the first three have been! Seriously, though, I wish I could wave a magic wand!

Anyway, in my last post, I shared my health goals with you. The next set of goals are the really hard ones. They are the ones that are a bit more intangible, harder to maintain and harder to measure. For example, my overall theme this year is:


I  know I need more fun in my life. But what exactly is that for me? How do I measure whether I’m successful or not? Is it measured by the type of fun activities I do? Is it how many times I laugh or make others laugh during the activity? If I don’t laugh at all, can it still be considered fun? I honestly don’t know, but I have to start somewhere, so here’s what I came up with:


I’ve sung all my life. I took lessons as a kid and I always loved being on a stage. After university, I kind of got away from it. I took some guitar lessons and dabbled in singing, but nothing serious. I noticed over time that every time I went to see live music that afterwards I would feel sad. Eventually, I saw this pattern and realized that it was because I missed being on the stage, I missed music and most of all I missed singing. So three years ago I began taking lessons again.

At first it was really hard. A lot of years had passed since my last lessons and my voice was out of shape. But I persevered and it improved. The studio where I take my lessons, The Music Factory, does a jam on the last Friday of every month and eventually I got up the courage to go. I loved it immediately!! I was in my element. It was fun and  I felt joy-filled.

Then, about a year and a half ago, a lot of crap started happening in my life (I’ll talk about it at a later date). The joy fell out of my voice. I still went to my lessons, but it wasn’t as much fun. Still, I’ve persisted because even though I know I’m not at my best, I know if I hang in there, singing will bring me joy again. This is how I’m going to make that happen:

  • Go to all lessons and jams, PERIOD. No skipping (unless it’s life or death!)
  • Go to all lessons and jams with the intent of having fun and finding joy in my music.
  • Audition for at least two more things (musical, revue, band, something!)
  • Go to four additional jams around the city (other than The Music Factory)
  • Sing at the jams like I don’t care if I crack or forget lyrics (when I watch kids perform, this is how most of them approach it. Sheer joy!)

Joy Journal

At the end of last year, I started a Joy Journal, finding something every day that brings me joy and keeping it in journal form. It can be anything. A walk as the snow falls around me. Watching a puppy video. Cuddling with one of my cats. Buying fresh flowers. Going on a carnival ride.

  • continue the daily joy journal

Drawing Prompts

I like to draw. I’m not very good, but I enjoy it. My husband, Pierre, does too. But we never seem to find the time to create. In December, I found a book called 500 Drawing Prompts. It gives you something to draw and it takes 5 minutes (ish) to complete. I thought it would be a small thing we could do after dinner to reinvigorate our interest in drawing. Prompts vary from “hot air balloon” to “circus clown” to “what’s under your bed”. Fun & relaxing!

  • continue daily drawing prompts

My Book

I’ve been writing stories since I could put words together. More than a year ago, I finished my first novel, which is something I’ve wanted to do all my life. Writing it was pure joy. It was so much fun to create characters and put them in scenarios. Since then, I’ve been trying to find a literary agent. It’s not fun getting rejected over and over again, but I have to suck it up, if I want to get published.

  • By the end of this year, I want an agent. Someone is looking at my manuscript right now, but if it’s rejected, I’ll send as many queries as it takes to find an agent.
  • Start writing my second book.


Since I finished my novel, I haven’t been writing as much so I decided to create The Do-Over Project and write this blog about it.

  • My goal is to write a daily post or as often as I can–as long as I keep it up over the next year.


I love an adventure! Whether it’s to a small town visit, a staycation, the tropics, anywhere! But in the last couple of years I’ve had a growing yearning to travel around the world.

Because I haven’t had a lot of lucrative contracts in the last few years, money has been tight and thus I’ve not been able to travel. Because I’m starting a pretty good year contract, I went to my financial planner. To me, financial health is important only insofar is that growing my money allows me to do the things I want–like travel.

  • Go to my financial planner  DONE
  • Set up RRSP for stability but also a travel account to start March 15 DONE
  • Save 15-20,000 for a big trip in 2-3 years.
  • I have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Bali at a reduced rate. On top of the above, tighten my belt so I can save $2000
  • Take a beach vacation in 2018 with my husband
  • Take two local vacations in the next 3 years with my husband
  • Get new passports for husband and myself (spring 2017)
  • Go to bank for a travel rewards card


  • Find 10 things  do that bring more fun/joy to my life.
  • Finish my office. I have a beach theme in my office and I want to finish it this year. It brings me great joy to sit and look at my special shells!!

A synopsis of all my goals

Some of my goals will be accomplished daily, others weekly, still others monthly and even some I don’t care as long as they get done in the next year! So in my next post, I’ll organize them into where they fit into my timeline. Basically, this is what my goal list looks like:

  • Increase fitness level
  • Decrease weight
  • Improve/maintain healthy eating habits
  • Get knee and gut taken care of
  • Maintain supplements (add as required)
  • Continue neurofeedback
  • Increase fun/joy by singing, drawing, continuing my joy journal and this blog, getting a book agent, and taking adventures

Seems doable, doesn’t it? We’ll see…





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