How do you eat an elephant?

I started a new contract on Monday as a Communications Advisor at the Canada Revenue Agency and now the fun begins!

It’s hard enough keeping up with goals and blogs and such when you’re unemployed, but it takes a whole other level of gumption with a new job!

I’m doing pretty well. Some goal successes and some failures–all of which I see as par for the course. So far, I’ve been focussed mostly on my daily goals:

  1. Doing something differently
  2. Doing something that brings me joy (I keep a journal of these events)
  3. Posting a positive video on Facebook
  4. Continue doing drawing prompts

And, I’ve added some new ones not on my original list:

  1. Thinking of something great about me
  2. Continuing with my food/exercise journal (I’ve been doing this for a few years, but I thought I should add it to this list)
  3. Continue reading a positive affirmation (the last couple of years I’ve bought one-a-day calendars with positive thoughts. Not new but I thought I should add it here).

How successful have I been in the 9 days since I started my journey to change? It varies:

  1. Doing something differently. I’ve gotten up early to run a few times–not every day, but it’s getting better. I have made a conscious decision to find joy again and keep it front and centre in my mind. I changed a spiralling negative thought into a positive one the other day (if you want to see every positive and negative, just ask me–I keep a daily list).
  2. Finding something that brings me joy and writing it down. As I said, I keep joy front and centre in my mind, so it’s been fairly easy to find things that bring me joy. Stopping to smell the flowers at Costco. Frolicking with a puppy. Chatting with a small child in a store line up. I write them down about 1/2 the time. That hasn’t improved–yet.
  3. Posting a positive video on Facebook. I have posted a positive video 8/9 days. (I’ll share these at a later date.)
  4. Continuing drawing prompts. I’ve done the suggested drawings 4/9 days. Not exactly a rounding success!
  5. Thinking of something great about me. I only started this four days ago and I’m 4/4. I have great skin, I am great at sticking with things, I am a darn good writer (maybe not great, but I’m solid), I am great at choosing presents for people.
  6. Continuing with my food/exercise journal. Most days (7/9), I’ve written down what I ate, calories, protein and carbohydrates as well as the type, duration, time, and intensity of the exercise I did. Today is the first day I skipped my run–I’m near the end of the first week of work and I’m nackered!
  7. Continuing to read a positive affirmation. This is easy to be successful at because all I have to do is flip the page, read and absorb! Still, it feels good to be successful and they are usually a joy to read–I win all the way around!

As I said, some successes, some failures. Good habits take time to form and old habits die hard, so I have to hang in there. When asked, “How do you eat an elephant?” the wise man/woman replied, “One bite at a time!”

Tomorrow is the day I will weigh in for my specific goal of losing 5 lbs by February 10.

Stay tuned!



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