Just keep swimming!


Hi all!

My doctor just told me that a medication she started me on in December has the side effect of “huge weight gain” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Here I was feeling like a complete failure because I was supposed to lose 5 lbs by February 10th and gained 2! She’s taking me off the med, thank goodness, but it will take a few weeks to wean me off.

Ironically, it was a medication for anxiety. I feel wayyyy more anxious just knowing this fat-inducing drug is in my system! Anyway, what that means is that I need to rework my weight goals. My goal the last few days is just to maintain and this week I’ll focus on losing 1 lb–that’s it!

The weight issue has impacted other goals. For example, I wanted to start indoor rock climbing again on February 5th–but I can’t fit into my harness!!  And, I’m sure it’s impacting my knee issue I’ve had. However, despite the weight on it, it is feeling better. I’ve been taking good care of it and it’s slowly getting better. Finally, I was to do my first race yesterday, but my body is not quite there at the moment so I ditched it.

Another goal that’s changed is that I’ve decided against the opportunity to go to Bali. I’ve decided to simply focus on saving money this year.

And one more goal I’ve had to adjust relates to my book. I was hopeful to get the literary agent who was looking at my manuscript. It wasn’t quite right for her so I have to continue looking. Sigh. My new goal is:

  • Send out 100 queries by the end of the year (this past year I sent out 80, so this is doable).

No one said this would be easy!

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