Keepin’ track

Hi All!

It occurred to me that you might be wondering just how I keep track of all the daily goals. I keep a journal of nightly dreams and daily thoughts. At the end of the day, I review my goals to see where I am. Here’s what today’s entry looked like (minus the daily blather!):

Daily Goals

  1. DONE Fitness: 3.22 km run in the a.m. (also fulfills my “do something differently” goal, since I am NOT a morning exerciser)
  2. DONE Healthy eating: I ate 13oo calories, with 50 grams of protein (what I’m most concerned about) and I ate 6 servings of fruits and vegetables. I also did NOT have that treat from Starbuck’s I was eyeing–again, doing something differently!)
  3. DONE Positive Facebook post: “Happiness is all in your mind”
  4. DONE I am great at: finding the positive in ANYTHING!
  5. DONE Do something differently: a.m. run, no treat from Starbuck’s, didn’t procrastinate on a new work project.
  6. DONE Something that brings me joy: while I ate lunch I watched a little boy walking with his dad. He was whirling and clapping and laughing. It made his dad smile and me too!
  7. DONE Write a blog post:YES
  8. DONE Do a drawing prompt: My drawing prompt tonight was “a starry sky”

It feels good to have accomplished ALL my goals today! It doesn’t always happen, so I’ll take it! One more step towards change. Hopefully this helps you keep track of YOUR daily goals too.



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