Never surrender

Hi All!

As you know, I’ve spent a great deal of time so far this year planning goals and monitoring my success.

It occurred to me today that I HAVEN’T done a very good job at celebrating the goals I have already achieved and/or continue to achieve.

I thought of this as I wrote a newsletter article for work. I watched myself play with the words on the page, enjoying twisting and turning them like a cat with a captured mouse. It was so much fun!

How lucky am I? I get PAID to do something I love. Something I’ve ALWAYS loved. Something I’ll love until I scratch my dying journal entry.

The truth is, it has nothing to do with luck. I have worked incredibly hard to educate myself, to learn anew in a multitude of ways, and, most importantly, to practice the craft of writing.

I was the first person (male or female) on either side of my family to get a university degree. I got my Bachelor of Journalism (Hons) through sheer determination.

I’m very proud of that accomplishment. Like most people, I don’t often “toot my own horn”. But today, it has a purpose:

When I feel like I’m failing at all my other goals, I know that the goal of getting a bachelor’s degree has already been achieved. It can not be taken away. Nor can the hundreds of items I’ve written be repealed (as least so far as I know)! Those press releases, presentations, newspaper articles, blogs, and so much more, are all out there forever!

It proves to me, on those down days, that I CAN achieve my goals. With a little perseverance and lots of patience, I WILL get there. Like Cory Hart sang, “Never Surrender”.

Now it’s your turn. What goal(s) have you achieved in your life? Little or big, it doesn’t matter. I’d really like to hear about them!



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