Goals update

Hi All!

I have 283 days to do. So where am I on my goals?


  • I totally forgot to sign up for the MEC Race Series so I think I’ll ditch it and find other events
  • Sign up for Army 1/2 marathon or 10km (Sunday, September 17)
  • Sign up for Fall Colours 10km (Sunday, October 8)
  • Audition for at least two more things. With all the extra appointments, I need to cut back on my expectations. If I can audition for one more thing, I’ll be happy.
  • Get new passports for husband and myself (spring 2017)
  • Find 10 things to do that bring more fun/joy to my life.
  • Start writing my second book.


  • I just got a therapist to help work out issues that have developed in the last two years.
  • Decided to stop taking Paxil (for anxiety) so have a doctor to wean me from it
  • Just signed up for an 8-week pilot project at work that’s called Meditation for Leaders. Goals for the program are:
    • 1. Commit to 8 weeks
      2. 5-minute meditation every day
      3. write down 5 things I’m grateful for daily


  • Training for Race Weekend (group did 16 km on Sunday).
  • Limit alcohol (which I do anyway) but maintain.
  • Go back to mainly protein & vegetables.
  • Supplements.
  • Neurofeedback once/week.
  • Balance my gut this year (getting full blood workup, endoscopy).
  • Singing (fun goal) Go to all lessons and jams. (not perfect, but doing better).
  • Go to four additional jams around the city (other than The Music Factory). I’ll be at Irene’s Pub at the end of the month.
  • Sing at the jams like I don’t care if I crack or forget lyrics (Sheer joy!).
  • Save 15-20,000 for a big trip in 2-3 years (taking adventures!).
  • Finish my office with beach theme (doing a bit every week).
  • Take a beach vacation in 2018 with my husband.
  • Take two local vacations in the next 3 years with my husband.
  • Write a Do-Over Project blog post (once per week, but often twice a week).


  • Eating few or no sweets.
  • Regular workout routine established: still struggling to do what I’ve always loved.
  • Rock climbing: trying to find a place for it in my schedule.
  • NEW 100 queries by the end of the year.
  • By the end of this year, I want an agent.


  • Weight loss (I’ve been really struggling with this because I’m tired all the time. I’m guessing that when I get my gut issue sorted out weight loss and exercise will be more consistent)


I keep track of the following in a journal every day:

  • MOSTLY CONSISTENT Healthy eating
  • ON TARGET Positive Facebook post: AT LEAST once a day
  • INCONSISTENT I am great at:
  • MOSTLY CONSISTENT Do something differently
  • MOSTLY CONSISTENT find something that brings me joy
  • INCONSISTENT Do a drawing prompt
  • CONSISTENT reading a daily positive message


I’ve achieved the following:

  • Get knee fixed
  • Sign up for Ottawa Race Weekend 10 km (Changed to walking the 1/2 marathon
  • Set up RRSP
  • Start a travel fund
  • Go to bank for a travel rewards card
  • DON’T cancel my cardiologist specialist (heart issue ruled out).

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