The cost of change

Hi All!

I’ve been thinking recently about the various costs associated with change.

I’ve realized there is a tangible, monetary cost of changing my life. I want to change some of my thinking patterns, so I see a psychologist. Ca-ching! My brain is a bit stuck, so I see another psychologist who specializes in neurofeedback. Ca-ching! I’ve been having trouble losing weight on my own, so I joined WeightWatchers. Ca-ching!

The money pile is only so big and  it means my savings aren’t quite where I want them to be, but I look at it like an investment. Besides, I’m trying to do things differently so I’m willing to pony up the cash–within reason!

Then there’s the emotional cost of change. As I’ve said many times, this is really hard. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting.

I expected the financial and emotional cost, but it’s the social cost that has caught me a little off guard. I ‘ve read about it. I’ve thought about it. But actually seeing your social relationships change–for better and for worse–is challenging. Some people are invested in who you are right now–they don’t want you to change! It’s hard to say goodbye to people you’ve known for a long time or to put up boundaries where they were shaky before. And, just so you know, you will be tested!

In the end, the people who truly love you want you to be your best–even if that means some upheaval for a while. Thank you to those people–I couldn’t go through this without you!

There is one cost missing from this list: the cost of doing nothing.

change lao tzu

It may seem simplistic, but it is an undeniable truth. If you’re driving down the road and a fully-loaded semi crosses the center line and is heading straight for you…well, you better make a change–and quick!

The semi isn’t exactly in front of me, but I know I need to make change now before I lose the very best of myself. For me, the price is too high NOT to change.

When is the cost of doing nothing, too high of a price to pay for you?





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